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In House Training

BayBriar can teach your dog to obey commands adding duration and distractions to the basic behaviors, heel, sit, down, stay, come, leave it, off, quiet, etc. More importantly is taking the time to educate the owner and family members. Educating the dog is only part of the training process. Owners need to understand why dogs do the things they do. How the owner responds or reacts to the dog’s actions builds value in repeating the behavior, be it a good behavior or an inappropriate one. Dogs look to us for leadership. They are a pack animal with hierarchy, ranking of position. Every time the dog interacts with us they are testing our leadership. If we appear weak or insecure in our interactions, they learn to either, respect us or test us.


Watch Video on YouTube: This is a 9 month old lab that came in for  training. This video was filmed on day 12 of his training. Gus had pulled his owner down and was out of control and showing aggression toward other dogs.


 Dogs come to Baybriar Kennel for consistent reinforcement of good behaviors. Dogs repeat the behaviors that pay off for them.  I love clicker training, it’s a proven scientific method for training animals! The click is a positive marker. If you think of your dog’s brain as a digital camera, when you click the clicker, its like pushing the shutter on your camera or phone. It takes a picture of the behavior they are doing at that precise moment. Clicker training builds value in working and responding to commands given.

Using food as a LURE or BRIBE doesn’t always build value in working. It’s like paying the employee before they work.                

Once the dog learns the basic commands, proofing begins by adding the D’s, Distractions, Duration and last, Distance. Dogs learn through consistent repetition. It can take four to six weeks of consistent reinforcement training to change or create a habit. I  recommend a minimum of two weeks training. Working with the owner and family members is very important. The dog is not going to come home and show you what he has learned. The owner and family must continue to reinforce good behavior, give good exercise, and maintain the rules. Behaviors are constantly changing depending on the outcome.

Private lessons

We offer private lessons at Baybriar Kennel or in your home, by appointment. I work with you on an individual basis. First, we discuss the issues at hand and create a plan of action. We teach you to teach your dog the basics of: heel, sit, down, stay, come, quiet, off, and leave it, other issues will be discussed as well, house breaking, mouthing, stealing things, jumping, excepting a pet, counter surfing, getting in the trash, not bringing the toy back, Reactivity, barking aggressively at people and other dogs, blocking motion, stepping on you, lack of attention to you, etc

Obedience Classes: forming now April or May 2022

Classes are scheduled from time to time through out the year depending on the weather.

We know obedient dogs enrich to our lives and are a joy to share life with.  They need exercise, rules, obedience and love, to be wonderful happy companions. Many of the dogs that exhibit problem behaviors don’t get enough exercise, they are spoiled because they have no consistent rules and  don’t respect the owners. Many times people are busy and only give attention to the dog when they are performing unwanted behavior. Soon dogs learn being naughty pays because it gets them the attention they are seeking.

Dogs repeat the behaviors that pay off. If jumping, barking, mouthing or biting, stealing things, and acting out pay off, they will repeat these behaviors. They only need several repetitions for some of these acts to become habit. I want to spend more time rewarding good behavior.  I use clicker training to mark good behaviors and reward so dogs understand the value is in attention, sitting, staying, coming, not jumping, being quiet, not mouthing or nipping, walking nicely on a leash and moving out of the way. I live in the real world of training dogs. I use as much positive reinforcement as possible. I will make a correction if the dog’s behavior becomes undesirable. I take into consideration the age of the dog and the attitude with witch the behavior is committed. Aggressive jumping and mouthing is disrespectful and should not be tolerated. Pulling and lunging on a leash can be dangerous resulting in falls, broken bones, getting loose and hit by cars. Aggressive barking on leash at other people and dogs is a problem I hear often. My goal is to have happy, responsive, attentive dogs at home, out in public that can travel with me on trips and errands bringing me joy.

*Please visit our Business Policy page*

                                      Beginner obedience Class

                                        Monday March 28, 2022

                                  6 P.M. to 7 P.M. six week session.

FEE: $175.00

Monday nights: This class teaches owners to teach their companions the basic obedience commands. Dogs will learn to heel, sit, stay, come, down, off for jumping, quiet, leave it, respect your space as well as socialization. Owners will learn to be consistent in the behaviors they reinforce and to ensure the dog is learning what they think they are teaching. We use clicker training to mark the appropriate behavior so dogs learn to repeat good behaviors because it pays. Many other problems are addressed, jumping, barking, house breaking, steeling things, counter surfing etc. My goal is to teach you how to have a happy, attentive dog that listens and responds to the first command with distractions and from a distance. If you are interested in class please fill out the application at the bottom of this page and mail it along with your payment to reserve a place for you in class. The fee is $175.00 for 6 week session. Please sign up in advance as working spots are taken quickly.

Advanced Obedience Class:

Working toward off leash control

 Six Week Session forming now: Monday evenings

April, 2022

Many dogs may know what the commands mean but may not respond to your first command with distractions. Giving the command repeated times before you expect the dog to respond is inconsistent reinforcement. The best way to train the dog is to change the owner and what they give attention to. Dogs, like children, need to know you are not going to count to ten every time you tell them to do something. When you give multiple commands, the dog learns you don’t mean what you say, so why listen. Talk is cheap, dogs need to understand you mean what you say. Don’t give a command you are not and cannot back up.  This class is for owners that want a dog that can go with them as well as behave at home with the distractions of children running around, company coming over, animals in the yard, walking down busy streets, riding in the car without barking at everything, etc.

Behavior Management Fee for Aggressive Dogs

When a dog comes for training with aggressive behavior issues, there will be an additional fee added to the base price. These dogs require very experienced handling and additional time in training not to mention the risk involved. The fee will be determined on a case by case basis.

New sessions forming now, please call or email for more information.

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*Please visit our Business Policy page for more information*

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