Welcome to BayBriar Kennel and CDogRun Agility

DSC_9672 (1)Welcome to BayBriar Kennel and CDog Run Agility. BayBriar Kennel and CDog Run Agility is owned and operated by Jeannette Hutchison.  The business began when she was asked to obedience train a dog for a client from the veterinary office where she worked. The owners told their next door neighbors who told someone else and that word of mouth advertisement has built our business and reputation for over thirty five years. Word of mouth referral is the best advertisement a business can have.

BayBriar Kennel specializes in Obedience and Agility training. Our passion and goal is to, “unite dog and owner through education”. Dogs repeat the behaviors that pay off for them. Understanding why dogs do the things they do is important. Giving attention to unwanted behaviors, instead of wanted behaviors, can build value in jumping, barking, chewing, steeling things, pulling on the leash, counter surfing, bolting through doors, chasing the vacuum cleaner etc. because it gives the dog the attention he is seeking.  We offer in house training, private lessons, problem behavior consultation, group classes  and phone consultations. Training the dog and educating the owner gives them the tools to create a loving and respectful relationship.

Our Boarding service developed when clients, who had dogs trained, asked if we could keep their furry friends when they were away. We believe in quality care and limit the number of animals we care for. We understand how much you love your pets and give them the same love, care, attention and exercise we give our dogs.


England 2011 WAO Games Championship

I was introduced to Agility in 1990. I never imagined how much that would change and enrich my life and the lives of my dogs, students and friends. I am dedicated to training and sharing the knowledge I have learned over the years. I understand this sport is always evolving and keep up with the latest info. We offer private lessons, group classes, work shops, seminars, on line classes, and video consultation. It has been a privilege to represent the USA in International World team competition eight times from 2002 to 2016 with two different dogs earning many metals.DSC_4828

Contact information

Jeannette Hutchison

31834 Geib Road

Cordova, Md. 21625

410-820-2041 land line

410-310-6785 cell