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Agility Classes

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Tuesday Night Agility Classes:

Tuesday Night March 29, 2022

Competition Agility Class: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. six week session, $150

5:00 to 6:00 p.m.: Beginner Agility– will introduce you to the foundation basics of handling and begin teaching the performance of the agility obstacles. Handlers will be advancing in their handling skills using cone work, learning timing of information, foot work,  and their use of motion and  how it effects the extension and collection of their dog. Handlers will be introduced to clicker training and shaping behaviors. You will learn the importance of a good solid foundation, teaching dogs body awareness so they have the skills needed to keep them safe on the obstacles.  You will  learn about independent obstacle performance and why it is important, giving attention to detail and maintaining your criteria. Dogs will learn to work on your left and right sides following your motion, to change sides and switch from handler focus to obstacle focus. They will learn to offer behaviors with their front end and hind ends for targeting and two on two of behavior for contacts. Dogs need to be obedient and respectful around other dogs. If that is an issue an obedience class is recommended first. It is difficult to train a dog in agility if they don’t have attention to the handler and listen to basic obedience commands, heel, sit, stay and come without mouthing and jumping at the handler.

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Advanced Beginner to Intermediate Agility– Handlers and dogs will advance in their understanding to perform all obstacles and be able to run sequences and courses. Handlers will gain more understanding in seeing their dogs path, setting lines, their use of motion and it’s effect on their dogs path, jumping skills, extension and collection, foot work for front crosses, rear crosses, blind crosses, independent obstacle performance and confidence in handling and the mental game.

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 Master and International Handling agility class – Handlers will be working on more complex sequences and courses gaining experience with international handling, setting lines for your dog, foot work, timing and location for crosses, independent sends to obstacles increasing distance to the performance, keeping a connection with the dog while running the course and the ability to keep moving so one handling skill flows into the next creating flow and smooth information to the dog.

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