About Us


Jeannette Hutchison has been involved in agility since 1990 and owns and operates BayBriar Kennel and CDOGRUNAGILITY.COM. She believes in creating a great relationship with your canine companion and taking the time to build a strong foundation, shaping attention and focus, socialization, teaching reliable obedience, handling,  independent obstacle performance, jumping skills with extension and collection, and being consistent in what you expect and accept. She understands the relationship that behavioral and obedience problems have in day to day life and the agility ring. She has been very successful in helping teams overcome issues that have lead to their success. Jeannette is a very consistent handler with a high Q rate. She is the only handler in the history of the United States Dog Agility Association to have 6 Platinum Lifetime Achievement Awards. They were earned in 4 different jump heights, Penelopy 12”, Reno 16”, Jasper, Eve and Rumble 22”, and Zig Zag 26”. Her dogs have been in the USDAA Top Ten for many years. She was an IFCS World Team member in 2002 with her Jack Russell, Reno earning an Individual Bronze medal, and gold for the team.  Her border collie, Rumble, competed on the USA Team in England at the World Agility Open Championships in May of 2011 winning the snooker and gambler classes earning gold and the World Agility Open Games Championship. In May of 2012 Jeannette and Rumble competed on the IFCS World Team USA in Texas earning 4 medals. They earned a bronze in Individual snooker, silver in the biathlon, gold in Team Triathlon, and gold in Individual Agility. The following week they traveled to Belgium to compete at the World Agility Open Championships winning the gambler class. Jeannette has been a National Finalist 18 times in 4 different heights, Rumble placed 7th in 2009 and was a finalist in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  She has been a finalist in the Steeplechase 4 times with 2 different dogs. She has many accomplishments and knows how important the mental game is and what it takes to excel in this sport. Jeannette has earned over 470 agility titles on her dogs including 12 ADCH’s, numerous Lifetime Achievement Awards, 9 Bronze, 7 Silver, 6 Gold, and 6 platinum. Several dogs have earned their ADCH’s in one year.

Jeannette loves competing with her dogs and has learned so much from them. She keeps an open mind, always gaining knowledge of the sport, and willingly shares that information. Her great joy comes from helping people“get it” and “the light bulb moment.” Her fellow competitors often ask her for Snooker and Gamblers advice as well as how to handle before and during the course walk through. She enjoys helping competitors create a plan they can execute. She offers group classes at her training facility and on-line, private lessons, in house training, house calls, and seminars in agility and obedience. She works with a full spectrum of students, whether you trial every weekend, or are just getting started. She has the patience and the ability to assess each dog and handler team to customize a plan to suit their needs. Her students have achieved great success including MACHs, AKC Invitationals, ADCHs, LAAs, USDAA World Finalist, and a 2011 World Agility Open double Silver medalist and 2012 WAO Team member.