The Facility



The facility is located near Cordova, MD on 10 acres out in the country on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, at 31834 Geib Road. We have both inside and outside facilities. The inside training building is 54’ by 90’ with 15’ ceiling and great lighting on packed dirt with heaters. The outside facility has a grassy, 5’ fenced 130’ by 200’ area with lights for year round use. We also have a 36’ by 48’ fenced area for working puppies and less trained dogs.

The boarding facility consists of a covered turn out area, fenced turn outs on grass for play time and exercise, Mason runs on cement, shaded, with igloo dog houses. Mason runs are the best and most secure runs money can buy. The inside building is 14’ by 40’ with large stainless steel cages, heated and air conditioned.